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Couple Ending their Marriage

Welcome to Sapiano Law
Family Lawyer in Hamilton Since 1981

I have been practicing law since 1981, as a family and estate law lawyer. I have been a pioneer in developing creative approaches to dealing with situations like yours.

I specialize in assisting people as they resolve their legal issues and deal with emotions, finances, life planning, recovery and wellness. My wealth of expertise, experience and patience can help piece together even the most life-shattering changes.

I’m able to facilitate your progress as you resolve your legal issues, heal and become whole again; and continue on your way to further growth, with renewed purpose, as we finish our legal work together.


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The loss of a loved one, or the dissolution of a marriage are difficult, even overwhelming situations. At a time when you are under serious stress, you are being challenged to make complex decisions, and sort out many issues, such as:

  • Where will you live?

  • What income will you have?

  • What will happen with your children?

  • What will it cost to sort it all out?

Making important decisions that have long-term financial consequences is difficult at this time. It’s hard to know how to proceed through the legal untangling of it all.

You’ve come here because you’d like help to address these and/or other issues.

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What Makes Sapiano Law Unique?

Experience Matters

Experience Matters

You are seeking new and creative ideas from an experienced lawyer about how to navigate through these difficult waters.



Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

You’d like to create your own made to measure solution that takes into account your unique situation and needs, including the circumstances of your children, former spouse, extended family & friends.

Strategic Insight

Strategic Insight

You realize there are complex immediate and long-term problems to be addressed, and if needed, you might consider my recommendations to work with financial advisors, parenting coordinators, divorce coaches and therapists, to achieve the best outcome for all.

Professional Consulting

Invest in Professional Consulting

You appreciate that your investment in professional help can save you time, frustration and costly errors in the near and long-term future.

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Who Benefits the Most?

I have helped many people come through very difficult separations, divorces and bereavements, emerging on the other side feeling that these have proven to be growth promoting experiences. Such people tend to describe themselves as being:

  • Kind, Considerate and Loving

  • Creative and Innovative, Willing To Face Challenges, Eager to Grow and Learn

  • Self-Reflective and Interested in New Ways of Being and Relating

  • A Sense of Humour – Even During Times of Stress

  • Open to Spiritual Experiences and Challenges

I hope you will be open to my advising you on ways to recapture your old self (from prior to your current stresses) and able to move on to a better place in your life.

Legal Services

I practice exclusively in the area of Mediation, Family Law and Estates, offering legal services for residents of Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas, Grimsby, Waterdown and their surrounding areas.

Child Custody Lawyer Hamilton

Child Support

Child support for children in Ontario is determined by using a government mandated table based on income called the Child Support Guidelines.
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Child Custody

Child custody allows you make the right regarding important decisions in the lives of your children who are under the age 18,
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Spousal Support

The legislation (the Family Law Act, the Divorce Act, and the Succession Law Reform Act) stipulates the obligations with respect to financial support for spouses.
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Property Division

The Family Law Act is the legislation that applies in the province of Ontario to the division of property between spouses upon a marriage breakdown.
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In Ontario a divorce may be granted on a one year separation or a no fault based on one year separation for other grounds such as adultery.
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Mediation is a way of resolving a dispute with the assistance of an unbiased, impartial person. The Mediator’s role is to assist each spouse in their negotiations.
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