Settlements can be reached within the context of litigation, during that litigation and incorporated into Minutes of Settlement to be prepared for the Court for a court order with the courts approval or without having to be part of a court action by way of Separation Agreements which can occur without either party ever having to start a court action.    Separation Agreements generally have less legal costs than the cost of litigation.  They do require two reasonable spouses who are committed to reaching a mutually agreeable settlement.  


In many cases in the aftermath of a separation, one or both spouses become unreasonable and proceed with litigation and court actions as a way to find closure for the emotional pain.   Sometimes there is no choice but to litigate, however much one of the spouses might have wished to have reached an amicable settlement. 

How Can We Help You?

36+ Years of Family Law Experience

We can help you work with your spouse to reach a mutually agreeable settlement which could deal with all of the issues arising in a divorce.   A Separation Agreement can be set aside at a later date if you or your spouse has not had independent legal advice.  Separation Agreements are very individual and are customized to your particular circumstances taking into consideration the need to comply with Ontario law.

My law firm’s approach is to view such settlements as a “life plan”.  This means we consider the settlement in terms of how it affects your life now, in the near future and for the balance of your life.

Downloading a Separation Agreement from Google is generally not adequate or wise as they can easily be cancelled or set aside.   This is an investment in your future and in your future piece of mind. 


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