Spousal Support

Spousal support

The legislation (the Family Law Act, the Divorce Act, and the Succession Law Reform Act) stipulates the obligations with respect to financial support for spouses. Essentially each spouse has an obligation to try and become self-supporting if able, healthy, young enough, but each spouse also has an obligation to assist the other financially during any period of re-adjustment after a marriage breakdown, or even for life, depending upon circumstances of the spouses.


Whether spousal support is appropriate or, if appropriate, the amount of that support is determined by the circumstances of the spouses at the time of the marriage breakdown.

How Can We Help You?

Linda Can Help with Any Spousal Support Issues You May Have

We can help you obtain spousal support or defend against a spousal support claim. My law firm has, in most cases been able to work to reach an agreement without the necessity of starting a court action, or if one is started, then without having to proceed with a trial. However if you are unable to reach an agreement, my firm can act for you throughout the court process and at trial to present your claim for spousal support.


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